The Roots of Resistance: About The Project

Highgrove Holdings Management LLC, based in Torrance, California, is one of many out-of-state firms that have purchased hundreds of homes throughout the city.

These homes allow investors to make a significant profit quickly, as affordable housing is often difficult to find in Milwaukee.

Once that profit has been extracted from such properties, the homes soon fall into a state of disrepair, as investment firms have little incentive to make necessary improvements.

Over time, the homes become unfit for human habitation.

For Example:

The home pictured here by David Schalliol, at 2118 N. 18th Street in Milwaukee's Lindsay Heights neighborhood, is owned by Highgrove Holdings LLC. In our gallery, there are a total of 15 similar homes in the Lindsay Heights neighborhood, all owned by Highgrove.

The Roots of Resistance: Gallery

Vacant Houses:

3117 North 29th St

3209 North 29th St

3217 North 33rd St

3232 North 24th Place

3275 North 29th St

3431 North 24th Place

2118 North 18th St

3503 W Chambers St

2427 West Nash St

Occupied Houses:

2318 West Finn Place

2338 West Keefe Ave

3266 North 28th St

2909 West Clarke St

3261 North 24th Place

The Roots of Resistance: About Us


Welcome to the MSOE Honor's Art Exhibition! We are a passionate group of students dedicated to showcasing the importance of community in Milwaukee. Our mission is to provide a platform for us to highlight the effects of out-of-state firms purchasing hundreds of homes throughout the city.

We believe in the power of bringing people together to address this issue. Through this exhibition, we aim to share a more personal perspective on the deterioration and embark on the beginning of change.

By engaging with the artwork on display, we hope to foster a deeper understanding of the challenges our community faces and inspire action towards creating a more vibrant and sustainable future for Milwaukee.

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